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BoxTop Technologies provide solutions that make a difference to your business every day. Designed specifically for international freight forwarders and logistics providers, our software solutions provide the infrastructure you need to succeed.

Our customers benefit from comprehensive freight management software that is robust, tailored and built to handle the demand of today’s freight forwarding and logistics industry.

Boxtop freight management software partner companies.
Boxtop freight management software partner companies.


What is freight management?

International freight management can best be described as a combination of science and art – it entails moving goods from a factory, warehouse or distribution centre to the buyer’s premises, identifying the most appropriate transport mode, by airfreight, seafreight, roadfreight or railfreight – moving goods across international borders with increasingly complex rules and statutory requirements that need to be navigated quickly and efficiently with the ultimate aims of reducing transit times and providing cost-effective delivery deadlines satisfying the needs of the customer, whether they’re the manufacturer, producer, distributor, exporter or importer.

What are the benefits of using freight forwarding software?

The freight forwarding industry has always been a complex business but nowadays it’s unbelievably multifaceted. Freight forwarders have to deal with a wide variety of partners, manage critical deadlines and navigate a multitude of regulations, from seemingly endless Customs and foreign government hurdles to overcoming transport and geographic difficulties all encountered when moving goods around the world. The use of a well-designed freight management software system is no longer a nice-to-have business tool, it’s absolutely essential, without one it would virtually impossible to manage the business successfully.

Why choose BoxTop?

The BoxTop solution is a single, fully integrated, freight management system, not only is it simple to use but it’s also extremely powerful. Covering everything a busy freight forwarder needs, from issuing quotations to raising invoices, from the warehouse to fulfilment, managing document production and financial reporting. We’ve also simplified the cost and we’re completely transparent about pricing and don’t insist on lengthy contracts. We also offer unlimited free training as part of the service, to underline our commitment to helping our customers maximise their investment, elevate productivity and streamline efficiencies.

Does your freight management software integrate with other systems?

Although the BoxTop system is feature-rich with multiple modules covering pretty much every requirement a freight forwarder could wish for, we appreciate customers might prefer to use external systems for certain functions, so we write our own interfaces to many different systems. We’re also building a vast API library which allows other developers to simply integrate with BoxTop.

Do all supply chains need freight management software?

Yes, the globalisation of trade has made supply-chain efficiency essential. Well-designed freight management software will help manage the complex processes involved in moving goods for the customer, from the seller to the buyer. As production moves to countries with a willing and cost-effective workforce, customers are becoming ever more demanding and appreciate that competitive logistical solutions are vital to their success in reaching new markets. Freight management software helps manage the numerous processes, by providing the necessary checks and balances to ensure that the entire supply-chain process is streamlined, issuing reliable and transparent status updates to allow forward planning in-transit and at destination.

How long does it take to implement our software?

Implementation is surprisingly quick, usually measured in days plus we provide plenty of assistance to get users up and running as quickly as possible.

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