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As an international freight forwarder, operating your own warehouse can prove cost-effective. But you need the right tools to ensure goods are received in a secure, timely and accurate manner.

That’s where BoxTop comes in. Our warehouse management software integrates warehouse functionality with other departments, which rely on single data entry through simple, easy to use screens. This drastically increases accuracy and productivity for your team.

What are the benefits of using BoxTop warehouse management software?

The BoxTop warehouse management system (WMS) was designed to help international freight forwarders, logistics providers and supply-chain specialists achieve a greater level of efficiency and provide an even better service.

By introducing WMS functionality, it enables you to provide additional (warehousing/stock control/fulfillment) services to your customers.

  • Fully integrated system, with no need for external software
  • Cost-effective solution for businesses big and small
  • Easily connects to our online features for fast, optimised processes
  • Configurable to best suit your business’ needs

Goods Handling

Every aspect of your goods handling process is taken care of with BoxTop. Your team can simply input data and manage all aspects of reporting from one screen. If you’re checking in, reporting on irregularities or damages, you can instantly create reports to be printed, previewed or emailed directly from our warehouse mangement software.

For all jobs, you will be capable of automatically updating export, import or domestic goods once all are received. Automatic alerts of impending jobs are available to set up, which allow effective resource management and improved long term productivity.

Stock Control

We’ve created automated check-in mechanisms that are designed to receive large quantities of goods, quickly and accurately.

Your customers can benefit from viewing and picking stock on-line, reducing expensive manpower resources and eliminating potential errors in the process. Online visibility is provided to your customers via BoxTrax, at no extra cost.

Barcode Scanning

Intelligent bar code scanning devices will utilise your wireless network within the warehouse, making picking faster and more efficient than ever. When picking, you can choose the stock according to your pick list. It also provides the most efficient way to pick stock, saving you more time and energy too.

This advanced system reduces the potential for picking incorrect stock and allows for you to check stock in desired locations, automatically updating the stock inventory as you go.


It’s a part of the process that can’t afford to be neglected. Our warehouse management software allows for reports that present a detailed breakdown of charges associated with stock check-ins, moves and picks.

Stock inventory reports also detail quantities and locations of each customer’s stock, the re-order report lets your customer know which products they are running low on, and the audit trail provides precise stock item history detailing dates of every check-in, move and pick.

This is an all-inclusive software solution that revolutionises reporting from within the warehouse.

How BoxTop warehouse management software can automate your processes

The BoxTop warehouse management software is built to save time and create better processes. It does this by automating actions and creating a flawless experience for the user.

Through our online portal (BoxTrax), your customer has complete visibility of the items being stored and managed, stock levels and they’ll receive notifications if minimum stock levels are reached.

In addition they can pick stock items and provide delivery instructions, anytime of the day or night, automatically notifying you within the BoxTop WMS.

This removes any errors in translation or transfer from another system. This is a fully integrated solution that’s here to make your workflow smoother and more reliable.


Useable data is crucial for us and our customers. Using BoxTop provides the access and flexibility we need. BoxTop is fast, efficient and it links our offices in Runcorn, Heathrow, Toronto and Budapest together with improved productivity.

- Matt Beech

BoxTop has a wider vision on how our organisation operates. They work with us to deliver exactly what our customers need and consequently we have a smooth running process with expert support when we need it.

- Michael Jones

Before BoxTop it would take one person all day to process a trailer load of 800 Italian fashion items. Now it’s done at the press of a button. That’s the clear path of efficiency we tread with BoxTop. Their real understanding of freight forwarding and IT means we can deliver success right at the feet of our customers.

- Glyn Smith

BoxTop has helped us significantly expand the range and quality of services we offer to our customers, without increasing our cost base.

- Stephen Grief

For us BoxTop means – greater value and it’s good to have it on-board.

We have more to offer customers now, including much better visibility throughout the supply chain.

This is helping us win more business.

- Alan Vincett

BoxTop has been a supplier to MIES International Ltd for the past 15 years. Their Intelligent Freight Management Systems have helped immensely to develop our business into what it is today. A modern, slick and professionally run Freight Management Company. Without BOXTOP and their ALL IN ONE PACKAGE, our day to day handling of freight and documentation would be far more difficult to process. In my book a testament to their abilities.

- Tony Davison

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