BoxTrax is an ever-expanding online portal available from BoxTop. It’s an online information platform that enables you to harness the power of the internet and offer your customers advanced, value-added services and logistics support.

The world is fast-moving and ever-changing. BoxTrax gives you the ability to offer your customers any shipment information they want, on-demand, and wherever they may be in the world.

There is no one size fits all formula here. You can provide personalised options to each customer so it fits their individual requirements, whilst retaining complete control over what your customers can view. Security is vital, but our encryption tools ensure only authorised users will be able to access information about their own consignments.

In addition, and as part of our inclusive service, we provide you with access to your own statistics, so you can see exactly who is viewing what, when and how often with our unique BoxTrax statistics page.

Shipment tracking

Advanced tracking of shipments allows customers to search for specific consignments, using their own reference numbers or an array of search criteria.

When you’ve selected a record, you can access a variety of shipping information including:

  • Detailed consignment information, clearly displayed and relevant to the transport mode
  • Customs information including clearance dates, entry numbers and route
  • Shipping container information including container number, size, type and seal number
  • Delivery details including name and address information and proof of delivery details
  • Warehouse information including date of receipt, supplier details, pieces and weight
  • Milestone events detailing bespoke shipment status messages
  • Job-related documents (PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, emails, JPEG’s)


Online bookings allow your customers to create the jobs they want you to handle, shortening response times and avoiding double-keying. It’s simple for your customer to input and simple for your team to action.

Once the job has been created in BoxTrax, an email notification is sent to let you know the job is awaiting action in your BoxTop. An immediate tracking link is created, allowing your customer to provide details to the consignee or any other party. They’re kept up to date throughout and you’re left to focus on the delivery.

Warehouse Inventory

We’ve developed the warehousing features in BoxTop to benefit both you and your customers. Stock levels and locations can be viewed with a click, with real-time stock details available to export to Excel.

Your customers will be able to keep up to date with stock levels, search their specific stock and even track the stock movement history. Need to pick an item? You can do it directly within our system. Create a picklist for your warehouse staff and get notified when they’re picked, all the while tracking the progress of their activities.

KPI Dashboard

Access a comprehensive dashboard that puts you in control of your performance. Measure based on key milestones throughout the life of your shipment and view detailed graphs that display information broken down to region, country or port level. You’ll also be able to see what percentage of jobs fall within the SLA and highlight those that don’t.


Useable data is crucial for us and our customers. Using BoxTop provides the access and flexibility we need. BoxTop is fast, efficient and it links our offices in Runcorn, Heathrow, Toronto and Budapest together with improved productivity.

- Matt Beech

BoxTop has a wider vision on how our organisation operates. They work with us to deliver exactly what our customers need and consequently we have a smooth running process with expert support when we need it.

- Michael Jones

Before BoxTop it would take one person all day to process a trailer load of 800 Italian fashion items. Now it’s done at the press of a button. That’s the clear path of efficiency we tread with BoxTop. Their real understanding of freight forwarding and IT means we can deliver success right at the feet of our customers.

- Glyn Smith

BoxTop has helped us significantly expand the range and quality of services we offer to our customers, without increasing our cost base.

- Stephen Grief

For us BoxTop means – greater value and it’s good to have it on-board.

We have more to offer customers now, including much better visibility throughout the supply chain.

This is helping us win more business.

- Alan Vincett

BoxTop has been a supplier to MIES International Ltd for the past 15 years. Their Intelligent Freight Management Systems have helped immensely to develop our business into what it is today. A modern, slick and professionally run Freight Management Company. Without BOXTOP and their ALL IN ONE PACKAGE, our day to day handling of freight and documentation would be far more difficult to process. In my book a testament to their abilities.

- Tony Davison

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