The freight forwarding industry is becoming ever more complicated, with heightened security procedures, constant changes to Customs regimes, increasing pressures from your competitors and so on. BoxTop have developed an extensive yet very straight forward job booking facility covering Air, Sea, Road, Rail and Courier modes of transport for all types of movement.

From identifying potential problem jobs to ensuring each job is invoiced, BoxTop provides you with the tools to effectively manage your daily operational processes.

General Features

  • Milestone Management ensures that key events in the life of the job aren’t missed, allowing you to keep your promises and keep your customers happy
  • Ranking reports let you easily analyse a range of consignment data including number of jobs, weight, TEU statistics, origins and destinations
  • E-AWB and INTTRA Booking capability
  • Microsoft Office integration lets you store, manage and send any type

Our flexible approach to managing your customer’s shipments puts you in control and streamlines the booking process.

With visibility playing a key role in today’s market, we make it straight forward for you to keep your customers in the loop 24/7.

We intuitively link quotes, warehouse jobs and orders to your bookings, saving you much needed time and double keying.


We create full shipping documentation for all modes of transport and seamlessly pull this information through to the sales invoices.

This, coupled with a comprehensive job costing facility, gives you real-time profit & loss figures at your fingertips.

Import, Export and Cross Trade jobs are individually referenced, providing you with clear visibility across your Operations team.

  • Create a Collection Transport manifest for a job with multiple containers
  • Vessel Manager groups all consignments on the same vessel so multiple updates can be made at once, adjusting arrival times, ports and shipping line rates of exchange
  • Logical Rate Management tools allow you to store and retrieve rates for use in the preparation of quoting and job costing


  • Store buying and selling tariffs for fast, accurate job costing and invoicing
  • Create consolidated invoices providing summary totals and detailed job breakdown
  • Online bookings let your customers create bookings for you. Email notifications let you know when bookings are created
  • Reconcile invoices from FedEx, UPS, DHL and DPD quickly and easily using our Supplier Invoice Importer

Designed with the Express ethos in mind, our Courier Booking facility offers a simple “one page” platform. All consignment details are visible with costs & charges calculated on the fly using pre-entered tariffs. Surcharges can also be applied at supplier and customer level.

Online visibility keeps your customers updated with key milestone dates and POD information.


Useable data is crucial for us and our customers. Using BoxTop provides the access and flexibility we need. BoxTop is fast, efficient and it links our offices in Runcorn, Heathrow, Toronto and Budapest together with improved productivity.

- Matt Beech

BoxTop has a wider vision on how our organisation operates. They work with us to deliver exactly what our customers need and consequently we have a smooth running process with expert support when we need it.

- Michael Jones

Before BoxTop it would take one person all day to process a trailer load of 800 Italian fashion items. Now it’s done at the press of a button. That’s the clear path of efficiency we tread with BoxTop. Their real understanding of freight forwarding and IT means we can deliver success right at the feet of our customers.

- Glyn Smith

BoxTop has helped us significantly expand the range and quality of services we offer to our customers, without increasing our cost base.

- Stephen Grief

For us BoxTop means – greater value and it’s good to have it on-board.

We have more to offer customers now, including much better visibility throughout the supply chain.

This is helping us win more business.

- Alan Vincett

BoxTop has been a supplier to MIES International Ltd for the past 15 years. Their Intelligent Freight Management Systems have helped immensely to develop our business into what it is today. A modern, slick and professionally run Freight Management Company. Without BOXTOP and their ALL IN ONE PACKAGE, our day to day handling of freight and documentation would be far more difficult to process. In my book a testament to their abilities.

- Tony Davison

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