BoxTop allows you to transfer financial data between your operational system and accounting system with ease. We have put an emphasis on ‘single click’ processes that simplify the process and allow you to balance your books more accurately and faster than ever.

User-friendly and technologically advanced, our service partners with Sage50, QuickBooks and Xero accounting systems, with data transfer possible without the need for exporting potentially insecure CSV files.

Whichever accounting system you choose is down to you. It’s likely we’ve already written an interface for it but, if not, we will be happy to write it for you.

Credit Control

Managing your customer’s credit can prove to be troublesome. Our system enforces limits so customers can be put on ‘credit hold’ automatically once their agreed limit has been breached. You can instantly check and report on a customer’s financial health, and automatically alert users to the financial health of a customer before your job has even started.

By automatically updating BoxTop with payment information, credit limits and credit holds within your accounting system, you can consistently stay on top of your customer’s account.


Automation is the key to saving yourself time with every job. Our software allows for quicker invoicing and advanced integration to make everything run that little bit smoother. With email invoicing, you save on stationery, postage and time, whilst guaranteeing an invoice that clearly states terms and payment due dates.

You can invoice in any currency, automatically apply sales invoice currencies, apply variable payment terms to individual customers and so much more. Your customers stay satisfied, and your invoicing accuracy is as high as possible.

Financial Reporting

Your financial reports are essential for tracking but can often feel like a labour. We’ve made it easy for your business to generate and file reports without the headache.

With a vast library of simple to use reports, you can choose the perfect option for every occasion, all easy to find and edit within our system. The best bit? If the specific report you want doesn’t exist we’ll write it for you. They’re all provided free of charge as part of our service. All reports can be previewed on-screen, printed or emailed directly from BoxTop, with further editing available when exported to Excel.

Our dynamic ‘profit screen’ allows authorised users to review, evaluate and drill down to individual jobs, whether you’re looking at actual profit, margin or income you can easily find or sort the information to suit your own requirements.

If you’ve got a lot of customers to keep track of, our sorting process can automatically identify and rank top customers for any date range you choose.


Useable data is crucial for us and our customers. Using BoxTop provides the access and flexibility we need. BoxTop is fast, efficient and it links our offices in Runcorn, Heathrow, Toronto and Budapest together with improved productivity.

- Matt Beech

BoxTop has a wider vision on how our organisation operates. They work with us to deliver exactly what our customers need and consequently we have a smooth running process with expert support when we need it.

- Michael Jones

Before BoxTop it would take one person all day to process a trailer load of 800 Italian fashion items. Now it’s done at the press of a button. That’s the clear path of efficiency we tread with BoxTop. Their real understanding of freight forwarding and IT means we can deliver success right at the feet of our customers.

- Glyn Smith

BoxTop has helped us significantly expand the range and quality of services we offer to our customers, without increasing our cost base.

- Stephen Grief

For us BoxTop means – greater value and it’s good to have it on-board.

We have more to offer customers now, including much better visibility throughout the supply chain.

This is helping us win more business.

- Alan Vincett

BoxTop has been a supplier to MIES International Ltd for the past 15 years. Their Intelligent Freight Management Systems have helped immensely to develop our business into what it is today. A modern, slick and professionally run Freight Management Company. Without BOXTOP and their ALL IN ONE PACKAGE, our day to day handling of freight and documentation would be far more difficult to process. In my book a testament to their abilities.

- Tony Davison

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