Credit ControlSales InvoicingPurchase CostsFinancial Reporting

BoxTop allows you to smoothly transfer financial data between your operational system and your accounting system. Simple “single click” processes have been developed to ensure nothing is left to chance. The controls you demand exist in BoxTop to help you balance the books, more accurately and faster than ever.

We have developed highly sophisticated, user-friendly features for both Sage50 and QuickBooks accounting systems. Vital financial information can be transferred both ways and without the need to create potentially insecure, csv type files.

With BoxTop you’re free to choose whichever accounting system suits your needs best, in fact we’ve probably already written an interface for your favourite accounting system but if not, we will be happy to write it for you.

Credit Control

  • Enforce financial limits so customers can be put on “credit hold” automatically once agreed limit has been breached
  • Automatically alert users to the financial health of the customer at the start of a job before any costs have been incurred
  • Instantly check and report on customers financial health
  • Automatically update BoxTop with payment information, credit limits and credit holds after posting them in your accounting system (a standard feature if using Sage50, but full assistance provided if other accounting systems used).

Sales Invoicing

  • Accounts addresses are protected ensuring invoice accuracy
  • Invoice in any currency, sales exchange rates controlled by you, full audit control and history of rates applied
  • Automatically apply sales invoice currency for each customer
  • Apply variable payment terms to individual customers
  • Sales invoices clearly state payment terms and payment due date
  • Store sales rates agreed with customer, increases accuracy of sales invoicing and improves customer satisfaction
  • Email invoice to customer, saving on stationery, postage and delays
  • Easily transfer sales invoices to your accounting system without any re-keying of data
  • Using BoxTop financial period management, enforce sales invoicing dates

Purchase Costs

  • Ensure users apply correct charge descriptions/nominal codes
  • Accrue in any currency, purchase exchange rates controlled by you, full audit control and history of rates applied
  • Automatically apply correct currency for each supplier
  • Store purchase rates by supplier to increase accuracy of accruals
  • Simple process to approve accruals, single click to query purchase invoice in the event of supplier error
  • User-defined financial tolerance level, either percentage or fixed amount, to assist in greater accuracy when approving purchase accruals
  • Automatic creation of residual accruals if amount billed is less than expected amount
  • Unique CASS statement approval process mimics information from CASS statement greatly speeding up the approval process

Financial Reporting

  • Vast library of simple to use reports, grouped together, are very easy to find with clear descriptions and explanatory notes.  Users also able move individual reports to their own “my reports” section
  • All reports can be previewed on-screen, printed or emailed directly from BoxTop
  • Reports can be exported to Excel if additional data manipulation is required
  • Dynamic “Profit Screen” allows authorised users to review, evaluate and drill down to individual jobs, whether you’re looking at actual profit, margin or income you can easily find or sort the information to suit your own requirements
  • Automatically identify and rank top customers for any date range you choose
  • Specific “Customer Activity” screen detailing financial and job related data for any 12 month period you want, includes colour coding to quickly identify business gains/losses month by month
  • If the specific report you want doesn’t exist we’ll write it for you, they’re all provided free of charge as part of our service