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BoxTrax is an ever-expanding online knowledge base available from BoxTop. It‘s an online portal that enables you to harness the power of the internet and offer your customers advanced, value-added services and logistics support.

BoxTrax gives you the ability to offer your customers any shipment information they want, on-demand, and wherever they may be in the world. Their online accounts can be customised so they will be more closely aligned with your business of freight management.

You can provide different options to each customer so it fits their individual requirements.
You’ll have complete control over what your customers can view; we even provide an easy to use Administration page which allows you to determine what areas of BoxTrax are accessible to each customer.

Using secure connection processes, combined with our own proprietary encryption tools, you can be confident that only authorised users will be able to access information about their own consignments.

In addition, and as part of our inclusive service, we provide you with access to your own statistics, so you can see exactly who is viewing what, when and how often with our unique BoxTrax Statistics page.

Shipment Tracking

Customers can search for specific consignments from a comprehensive array of options including their own references. Each record can be selected, allowing the user to drill down and obtain even more useful consignment information including…

  • Detailed consignment information, clearly displayed and relevant to the transport mode
  • Customs information including clearance dates, entry numbers and route
  • Shipping container information including container number, size, type and seal number
  • Delivery details including name and address information and proof of delivery details
  • Warehouse information including date of receipt, supplier details, pieces and weight
  • Milestone events detailing bespoke shipment status messages
  • Job related documents, choose to publish documents in BoxTop and they’ll be available to print/download online (PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, emails, GIFs, JPGs etc.)


With our on-line job booking feature you can allow your customers to create the jobs they want you to handle.  This avoids double keying ensuring data accuracy and saves you time

They can save their own address and regular consignee addresses automatically so it’s very easy for them too.

Once they’ve created the job in BoxTrax, an email notification is sent so that you’re immediately aware the job is waiting for you in your BoxTop.

We even create an immediate tracking link allowing your customer to provide details to the consignee or other interested party so they can keep up to date on the consignment’s progress and final delivery.

Warehouse Inventory

We’ve developed the Warehousing features in BoxTop to the level where you can now offer online visibility to your customers, not only can they view what stock is being held but also the precise location, even if you subcontract your warehousing requirements or have multiple sites.  Your customers can:

  • View real-time stock details and export data into Excel
  • Keep up to date with their stock levels
  • Search for specific stock and view stock movement history
  • Pick their own warehouse stock items online
  • Automatically create a pick list for your warehouse workforce and will send you an email notification of the pick details, so you’re always kept up to date
  • Track the progress of their activity by accessing the pick stock details screen.

KPI Dashboard

Customers have access to a comprehensive dashboard allowing them to measure performance based on key milestones throughout the life of the shipment.  Agreed timescale parameters are configured on a per mode basis and can be broken down to region, country or port level.

Detailed graphs display percentage totals of jobs that fall within the SLA and also highlights those jobs that fall outside.