Sales CRM

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BoxTop has developed a powerful sales facility based on direct feedback from our diverse customer base. We understand that you not only need vital job and spend statistics at your fingertips prior to any upcoming meeting, but also building relationships with your potential new customers is just as important.

Unlike standalone sales packages, all your data is available in the same system that’s used by your colleagues, and it’s designed to fit together seamlessly. No re-keying of any data; it’s all available and easy to find.

All your sales activities can be recorded, maintained and retrieved within easy to use sales-oriented screens. From the recording of customisable sales actions and the storing of agreed sales rates (ensuring quotation and invoicing accuracy), to the creation of a variety of sales reports, everything is designed to help you work smarter, not harder!


  • Record your customer requirements
  • Set a follow up date
  • Convert quote to a job when you gain the business
  • Email quotes directly through Microsoft Outlook
  • Create Follow up reminders and send these to your Outlook calendar
  • Store emails and relevant documents relating to the quotation
  • Analysis screen lets you measure acceptance statistics based on your chosen criteria

Sales Actions


  • View month by month snapshot of real-time job counts
  • Dashboard highlights last activity, sales action history, Top 10’s and customer opportunities
  • Record Competition, Market Sectors and Lead Sources together with the option to create your own headings
  • Quotation Analysis lets you measure your performance per customer.
  • Attach emails, PDF’s, documents, spreadsheets and pictures to each of your customer’s electronic file.
  • View detailed customer activity reports highlighting spend, profit, shipment trends and performance levels


  • Record prospective customer trade lanes together with quantity, frequency and type of shipment.
  • Assign expected revenue and profit figures to each lane
  • Assign a probability percentage to each lane
  • Create targeted emails based on chosen region, country, port or mode of shipment