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As an international freight forwarder operating your own warehouse you need the right tools to help ensure goods are received in a secure, timely and accurate manner. You’ll also appreciate the simple way BoxTop integrates the warehouse functionality with other departments.

Our Warehouse features rely on single data entry through simple, easy to understand, screens and being able to use the information in many places, which increases accuracy and improves productivity.

Goods Handling

  • Simple, easy to use screens allow users to input all necessary details quickly
  • Create check in reports, report on irregularities, damages, etc., with a single click
  • Print, preview or email reports directly from BoxTop
  • Record dimensions and calculate volumetric weights automatically
  • Automatically updates export/import/domestic jobs once goods received
  • Create variety of labels on receipt of goods
  • Automatic alerts of impending jobs allowing effective resource management

Stock Control

  • Create customised SKU groups to suit individual customer’s requirements
  • Automated check-in mechanisms designed to receive large quantities of goods, quickly and accurately
  • On-line visibility through BoxTrax for your customers - included at no extra charge
  • Provide your customers with the ability to view and pick stock on-line, reducing your expensive manpower resources and eliminating any potential errors

Barcode Scanning

  • Designed to use intelligent bar code scanning devices – by utilising your wireless network infrastructure within the warehouse
  • Check stock in to your desired locations and automatically update the stock inventory
  • Simply re-locate stock by scanning the location, selecting the product then scanning the new location.
  • Pick stock according to the pick list generated by you or your customer online.
  • Pick Order facility calculates the most efficient way to pick stock saving time and energy.
  • Eliminate the potential for recording or picking the incorrect stock


  • Storage and Handling Charges reports provide a detailed breakdown of charges associated to stock check-ins, moves and picks.
  • Re-Order report lets your customer know which products they are running low on
  • Stock Inventory reports detail quantities and locations of each customer’s stock.
  • History reports display stock level detail for jobs both checked in and removed from the warehouse.
  • Audit Trail provides precise stock item history detailing dates of every check-in, move and pick.